The Trip to North Michigan in June 2005

was probably one of the best tours we ever made. We left early at about 5a.m. from Kahlilias Detroit home to get past Detroit Metro area before rushhour begins.

We made our way up to Traverse City which is located at Grand Traverse Bay at Lake Michigan, one of the Great Lakes, in the northern part of the lower peninsula of the state of Michigan. We used Traverse city as our "home-base" for our activities. North Michigan offers a great landscape and so we spent our time mostly with outdoor activities. One of the major sights there is "Sleeping Bears Dunes" which offers a fantastic look of nature. But it offers although nice and cosy picnic-grounds inviting for a BBQ.

... took us our way and we stayed for one night at the EconoLodge Motel in St. Ignace. The EconoLodge Motel was a budget standard Motel and we would look for a different place next time but since there was a car-tuning convention in St. Ignace this weekend we were happy to find a place at all because the city was completely crowded.

We got up early in the morning and Christian went diving in Lake Huron as his first dive in one of the Great Lakes. When you are fine with cold water this is really a great diving spot. And Christian learned something new: you can get seasick on a Lake ..... who would have guessed it ?

Upper picture: diving gear ready to go

Left: Ready for departure, the diving vessel

Lower picture: My dive-buddy Jim on the wreck of the "MS Stalker"

On the ferry to Mackinac Island

After Christian was done with diving we took the ferry and set off for Mackinac Island.....

Mackinac Island is located in Lake Huron at the shores of the upper peninsula across of St.Ignace. There are three things whole Mackinac Island is about 1.) Fudge , 2.) Tourists and 3.) Selling Fudge to tourists ! But it is really a nice place that gives a small view of how the early settlers lived. Cars are not allowed on the island so take your time for a roundtrip by horse carriage. It give you a great view of the island and passes all major sights such as the fantastic Arch Rock.

After a nice day came to it's end we left Mackinac Island and the Upper Peninsula, riding home into the sunset....